Worthy of the best

You are worthy of the best in life. So act like it.
You are worthy, but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled. It means you have the responsibility to live up to that worthiness, to live up to your full potential. … You are worthy of the best because you are capable of creating, experiencing and enjoying the best. You can reach inside yourself, feel your authentic desire, and bring that desire to life.
You are worthy, and yet that doesn’t mean you can have what you want without effort. In fact, it is your worthiness that obligates you to make those efforts that will bring about the best you can imagine.
Remember always how truly worthy, beautiful and unique you are. Live each moment of your life as an expression of that worthiness.
Let your thoughts, priorities and actions reflect the worthiness that is you. You are worthy of the best, so be your best, now and always.
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