This Week’s Godly Sermons from GOD Preach

This Week’s Godly Sermons from GOD Preach






1) The Test Of Faithfulness

In this video Joyce Meyer talks about the test of faithfulness. She says that our God is faithful and expects the same from us. Joyce shows you how to learn the skills you need to pass your faithfulness test…

2) Why So Downcast My Soul

In this video Beth Moore talks about the soul. She says that in the Psalms numerous times the writer would talk about stirring his soul up to bless the Lord. Beth shows you how to break free from feeling down by singing praise and worship to the Lord on purpose with focus…

3) Armed and Dangerous

In this video Joyce Meyer talks about being armed and dangerous. Joyce shows you that you are engaged in spiritual warfare, but God has well equipped you for the battle….

4)Activating The Right Genes

In this video Joel Osteen talks about activating the right genes. He says that we are all born with DNA from our parents, which is our genetic code of who we are but just because you inherit something, it doesn’t mean you have to active that code or pass it down to the next generation….

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