Vast Abundance

Vast Abundance



You have much more than you can ever possibly realize. Life is a process of connecting with deeper and deeper levels of value that have always been there, and always will.

Does it ever seem that the world has passed you by, or that there are just no opportunities for you? Then it’s time to move to a more profound and fulfilling level.

You are capable of much more than you have yet attempted. Fill your heart with goodness, make the commitment to express that goodness, and there will be a way.

The reason you get stuck is not because you have too little. It is because you expect too little.

The way to expect more, at your deepest level, is to make the commitment to give more goodness to life. Make that commitment, and suddenly new, exciting possibilities come into view.

Think for a moment, and realize that always, there is something good you can give. In that simple thought you know without a doubt that life’s vast abundance is always available to you.

Vast Abundance

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