Tony Rush says, “I’m No Different Than You!”

Tony Rush says, “I’m No Different Than You!”
When you hear that someone is making $140,000 per month in a home business, it’s easy to assume that person is an alien from another planet.  🙂
Or that they’re a different species.
… Or that they’re somehow different from you in a way that won’t let you have those results.
But, if you look at my story from the outside, you’d have to acknowledge some facts about me.
So here are some facts about Tony Rush:
Tony Rush was broke when he started. Tony Rush did not have a big list of previous customers. Tony Rush didn’t have a big marketing budget.   Tony Rush didn’t want to talk to his friends and family
In other words, is that really any different from where you are?
Heck, you might even have some advantages that I didn’t have!
But, rather than think about the DIFFERENCES….let’s look at the similarities:
Tony Rush Recipe For $1,000,000 Per Year •I didn’t want to chase friends and family •I didn’t want to have to do any prospecting •I was burned out on all the hassles normally associated with the “home business industry” •I wanted to leverage the Internet so I didn’t have to spend hours and hours a day working my business •I was tired of weenie-little commissions and wanted to earn more money per sale
And that’s when I found Empower Network.
And I got started. I followed the system.
I was consistent.  I didn’t get distracted with bullcrap or other nonsense.
I just kept following the system every day.
And within a month, I was making about $200 per month*.   Within 5 months, I was making $1,000 per DAY.*   Within a year, I’d had my first $100,000 per month.*
And at the time of this writing, Empower Network has put about $1.1 million dollars into my bank account.
Not bad for a little business I started for just $125!  🙂
FACT:  I’m not a super-hero. I’m not.  I put my pants on just like anyone else.
But if I’ve done anything right, it’s this: •I’m coachable and trainable •I don’t join a bunch of different programs at the same time •I’m focused on my goals •I’m committed to my goals •And I don’t quit just because I hit an obstacle or I fall down and bruise myself
That’s all.  And that’s the recipe I’ve used to create a million dollar annual income in less than 18 months.
The question is….
…are YOU ready to change your life the way I changed mine?
Would an extra $100 per day change your life? How about $200?  $1,000?  More?
How serious are you?  Are you just Mickey-Mousing around?  If you are, don’t waste my time.
But if you’re serious, click right here and join my team.  I’ll contact you directly and give you full access to the entire marketing machine that I’ve used to create this income in less than 90 minutes per day.  It’s real.
Let’s DO this…
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