Some Things Never Happen

Some Things Never Happen



But man is freer than all the animals, on account of his free-will, with which he is endowed above all other animals.  —St. Thomas Aquinas

One of the gifts God gives us because He loves is free will. If we did not have free will then we would have no responsibility either. We could wander through the days like robots waiting for the next thing to happen to us. But God did give us free will, and this puts tremendous responsibility on us. It also opens up to us possibilities of total joy and fulfillment.

God will give you all the tools you need on earth to fulfill the great plans He has for your life. But it’s up to you to take up those tools and use them effectively. We are partners with God. We never have to do anything without His help, but He also expects us to make a willful choice to do our part. There is work involved in the completion of any project or progress and we must have a heart to work.

Many are called to do great things, but not everyone is willing to take the responsibility for what they are called to do. Our own spiritual growth requires work and responsibility. God helps us, but He does not do everything for us. My brother died at age 58 in an abandoned building in Los Angeles because he wasn’t willing to take responsibility for his past mistakes and do the work involved in seeing his life restored. As long as someone else did everything for him he was fine, but as soon as he had to make right choices on his own, he always drifted back to living for the moment instead making hard choices that would produce good results in the future.

I wanted to help my brother, but he would not help himself. God wants to help us, but we must do the part He gives us to do. We have free will and we can make right and good choices just as easy as we can make bad ones. The choice is ours either way. God sets before us life and death, good and evil and advises us to choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19).

Our thoughts and emotions can lead us in a wrong path, but if we will use our will to choose God’s will our lives will be amazingly wonderful.

Love Yourself Today: Thank You, Lord, for the gift of free will. Help me to exercise wisdom as I make my choices.

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