The REAL Secret… Shocking!

The REAL Secret… Shocking!

shocking secret The REAL Secret… Shocking!  A number of years ago, I think back in 1999, I was flying to Atlanta for a company convention.

I have just picked up Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and with lots of enthusiasm was telling my upline about this new revolutionary book.

And he said… “You know Vitaly, the problem with people in this business, is that everyone is looking for the next book, the next tape, or some new secret, like it’s the answer to their problems.

If they just went to work, they’d be building a business and making money.”

He could get negative at times. And this was one of these times.

However, he had a point.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for reading books, and listening to audios, and going to seminars, and all that stuff.

You gotta do it.


Like my good friend told me recently when I asked him if he had a chance to listen to the stuff I sent him…

“I’ll get to it soon, but with so many hours in the day, right now, I need to make sure I actually do what I’m supposed to do on a daily basis.”

You see learning and developing is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, you need to do it.

You need to read books and plant good stuff into your mind.

You need to learn new techniques, pick up new skills, and always be looking for that edge.

But on the other hand…

All that stuff is completely worthless IF you don’t apply it.

And to some degree, my old upline was right.

Most people do hide behind learning, and studying and going to seminars, conventions, and now attending webinars.

We used to call them, profession meeting-goers.

They never miss a meeting, but they also never do a damn thing.

And that is a problem.

I love what Jim Rohn said… “You gotta have measurable progress in reasonable time.”

If you’ve been at it for awhile and you’re not getting results.

My question to you would be…


There’s got to be a BALANCE between learning and implementing.

And believe me, I’m OBSESSED with learning new stuff.

I spend hundreds of dollars a month on newsletter subscriptions, new books, new courses.

But, there’s no way I’d be able to provide for my family without a guaranteed paycheck since the late 90′s, if I wasn’t also obsessed about RESULTS.

Years ago, it was about picking up the phone and dialing for dollars.

Fortunately I don’t have to do that crap anymore.

And neither do you.

What you and I need are LEADS.

And to get leads, you need TRAFFIC.

Because if you don’t get leads, you won’t make sales.

And if you don’t get traffic… you won’t get any leads.

Traffic = Leads = Sales = Money In The Bank!

Simple enough?


If things are “slow” or as some people say “aren’t happening fast enough”… then do something different.

You need traffic?

Can you run an ad on Facebook?

Maybe target some specific interests where the audience has a need for what you offer?

Getting traffic but no leads?

Change your offer.

By the way you can promote any one of our capture pages, and rest assured you’ll get leads.

We’re always working on improving them.

And if you’re still not getting leads… change who you’re targeting.

As a side note, I highly recommend The Ultimate List-Building training, which will teach all about lead-generation and building your list. You’ll get proven templates you can use for your capture pages and everything else you need to supercharge your list-building.

And it’s a great program you can promote as an affiliate, get leads, and make money.


Need sales?

Email those leads.

Put the right offer in front of enough people and things will start happening.

This business is nothing but MATH.

And understanding that if you do enough X, then Y will happen.

If you send enough targeted traffic, to the right offer, you will get leads. You will get sales. And you will make money.

So, as I wrap up my little rant, I just want to encourage you to sometimes put down the books and the videos, and go implement what you’ve learned.

You’ll be SHOCKED at how much you will learn and actually accomplish by simply doing it.

This is the REAL secret to success, abundance and prosperity.


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