Stay Calm

Fear not; stand still (firm,  confident, undismayed) and see the salvation of the Lord which He will work for  you today . . . The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and  remain at rest.   —Exodus 14:13-14

When troubled times come our way, one of our biggest challenges is to  stay calm. Our natural tendencies are to fear, to worry, and to try to do  something to fix the situation or solve the problem. But we must learn to get  our emotions under control so we can think clearly, act wisely, and pray in  faith.

Moses often had to help the Israelites calm down. When Pharaoh’s army  was gaining ground on them, they kept running, but knew they were headed  straight into the Red Sea. Death seemed certain! Exodus tells us the people  were frightened and angry with Moses, and they decided they would have been  better off as slaves to the Egyptians than trying to outrun Pharaoh’s forces.

Moses was saying in today’s Scripture, “Stop it! I know the situation  looks hopeless, but don’t be afraid. Just be still for a minute and watch what  God is going to do for you.”

Before Pharaoh’s army reached the Israelites, God rolled back the  waters of the Red Sea so His people could cross over on dry land. When they were  all on the other side, the sea closed again and Pharaoh’s fighters drowned.  This same miracle-working God is on your side today. He still fights for His  people. Your job, if you belong to Him, is simply to “hold your peace and  remain at rest.”

Love God Today: “Lord, I  will not fear. I will stand still, stay calm, and watch what You will do on my  behalf.”

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