Richer and Richer

Richer and Richer



The way to be rich is to realize how rich you are. The way to be rich is to express and to live the unique abundance that is yours.

It’s not what you get that makes you rich. It’s what you do with all you have.

The way to be truly rich is to make good, meaningful use of what you have. The way to be exceptionally rich is to be Generous with all that you are.

The abundance of the universe is literally everywhere. What transforms that abundance into real richness is your choice to make purposeful, loving use of it.

Each day is overflowing with possibilities for new richness. See the best possibilities, act on them, and find true delight in making life richer and richer.

Make joyful use of each moment, and sincerely give the best of who you are. Live a life that is rich indeed.

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