Preparing for Greater Victories

Preparing for Greater Victories

Long before David became the king of Israel, he spent his days looking after his father’s sheep. His life wasn’t the easiest. He had been overlooked by his father, criticized by his brothers, and regarded by many as just a shepherd boy.

Even after the prophet Samuel anointed him to be the next king, David’s family didn’t seem to treat him any better. They may have even thought it was some sort of mistake. In fact, while David’s brothers spent their time serving in King Saul’s army, a prestigious position of honor, David was still the one doing the “grunt work” out in the shepherd’s field. He was seen as an errand runner tasked with bringing lunch to his brothers, “the important ones.”

Scripture tells us in First Samuel 17 that while David was tending the flock, he defeated both a lion and a bear that had come to dine on his flock. By the time he faced Goliath, he had already seen the faithfulness of God at work in his life. David approached Goliath with confidence, knowing that with God on His side, he would have the victory.

But what if David hadn’t faced the lion and the bear? What if he had allowed the opinions of his brothers to define him instead of God’s opinion? He might have gone around feeling insecure and questioning God. However, even though it seemed as if life had overlooked him, David knew that he was handpicked by God. David chose to stand and believe no matter what his circumstance looked like. He was equipped by the power of God and believed he would become what God had called him to be. Everything he went through prepared him for the greater victories God had planned for his future.

Today, you may feel like the “errand runner” or that life has overlooked you. You’ve done your best, but maybe you haven’t seen the results you had anticipated. Or, maybe you’ve been through some disappointments; maybe you conquered a “lion” and now there’s a “bear” approaching. Know this: God has victory planned for you. He is preparing you for greater victories in your future. Keep pressing forward, keep believing and keep trusting God because He who promised is faithful, and He is leading you in the path of blessing and victory in every area of your life!


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