Our Beliefs Determine Our Behavior

Our Beliefs Determine Our Behavior

Several years ago, along with 80 Christian leaders, I signed a statement on protecting the environment. I got all kinds of letters saying, “Why are you getting involved in the environment? What’s a pastor got to do with protecting the environment?” It has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with my worldview.

I happen to believe the Bible. The very first command God gave to human beings was, “Take care of my planet.” He gave them dominion over the environment. He expected them to take care of and manage the environment. He held them responsible for the environment. And he expects us to do the same.

So, taking care of the environment is an act of stewardship. That’s my worldview, and it comes right out of the Bible.

God expects you to know what you believe and why you believe it and to explain it to other people. Whether they show it or not, the world is desperate to hear about something they can believe in. Sometimes, it just takes you being obedient and telling others about your worldview for them to hear truth.

Talk About It

How do the causes and pursuits you care about most reflect your biblical worldview?

Can you give a “logical defense” for your worldview? What do you tell others when they ask what is different about you and why?

Stan Elesky

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