Obey Quickly

Obey Quickly

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE  “…To obey is better than sacrifice…” (1 Samuel 15:22, NIV)

TODAY’S WORD One of the best things I’ve learned in life is to obey God quickly. When God asks you to do it, do it right then. When God told David to go face Goliath, the Bible says David ran to the battlefield. Do you know why? If David would have thought about it long enough, he would have talked himself out of it. If he had gone over all the facts, figures, how much bigger Goliath was, how much more experience he had, David would have lost his courage and missed his destiny.

When God asks you to do something, don’t overanalyze it. Don’t reason it out. If you think about it too long, you can miss your destiny. Don’t think, “Why should I buy their dinner? They’ve got more than I do.” Or “Why should I apologize? I apologized first last time.” Or, “Why should I be good to them, Joel? They’re not being good to me.” No, quit making excuses. Quit reasoning it out. Quit thinking that you heard God wrong and just do it. Learn to be quick to obey and open the door for the blessing God has in store for you! Obey Quickly


Father, today I choose to obey You quickly. I trust that You are good and desire good things for me. Thank You for ordering my steps. Thank You for protecting me. Thank You doing a work in me and through me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

by Joel Osteen http://www.joelosteen.com/Pages/Home.aspx

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