No Dividing Walls

Christ is all  and in all [everything and everywhere, to all men, without distinction of  person]. —Colossians 3:11

In Christ, God  created one new creation where all distinctions vanish and we all become one in  Him. In practical terms, that means we must trust God to take care of whatever  we are not able to do and receive as a gift from Him whatever good is in us or  whatever we can do well. Everything is in Him! We are made right with God in  Him, our life is in Him, our joy and peace are in Him. All things are to Him,  for Him, in Him, and through Him (see Romans 11:36).

We no longer  need to compare ourselves with anyone else. It doesn’t matter what they can do  that we cannot do because our only worth and value is found in Him. We are free  from comparisons and competition, and that enables us to be fully ourselves.  Just be the best you that you can be. When you are able to do something well,  then thank God; and when you are unable, thank Him that He loves you anyway and  will take care of what needs to be done.

This truth  allows you to enter God’s rest and to avoid the agony of self-rejection or  spending your life trying to be something you will never be. If you are  listening to God’s voice, then hear Him tell you right now that you are  special; you have no need to compare yourself with anyone. All of the dividing  walls have been broken down in Christ and we are all one in Him.

God’s  word for you today: God will never  help you be somebody else, but He will help you be all you can be.

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