The Mountain of Learning by Victoria Osteen

The Mountain of Learning by Victoria Osteen

Safeguard You

Safeguard You

Galatians chapter six warns us not to grow weary in well doing. If we do, we might miss our due season of harvest. As I was meditating on that scripture, I was thinking about all the kids going back to school, and how sometimes, they get anxious or weary about it. But really, everyone gets weary about the learning process at times, especially when we think it’s something we already know.

Sometimes we give ourselves credit for knowing things, but when we go through an experience that causes us to apply that knowledge, we discover we are in uncharted territory. For example, reading about or learning about mountain climbing is very different from actually climbing a mountain. You might think you know what to do until you actually do it! Putting into practice what we’ve learned is what causes us to rise higher. And sometimes, we have to go around the mountain again before we are ready to rise up to that new level!

I can remember times when I’ve gone around the mountain of learning and then walked right into another level of increase in my life. I could feel in my spirit what the Lord had done. When I think about those times, I am reminded that we must never grow weary in the learning process. We must never grow weary in obtaining knowledge. We must never grow tired of improving ourselves or our relationships and becoming all that God has created us to be.

Anytime you feel tempted to quit because you don’t think you are getting anywhere, remember that oftentimes, we have to grow in the unseen realm before we grow in the seen realm. We grow spiritually, we grow emotionally, we increase in wisdom and maturity before those doors of opportunity open before us. Don’t ever get tired of learning the lessons. Sometimes we have to learn the same ones over and over, but that’s when it sticks and we are equipped to grow to another level. Remember, you can’t fail if you don’t quit! Stay in the process and keep climbing that mountain of learning because your due season of harvest is on its way!

“Let the wise listen and add to their learning. . .” (Proverbs 1:5, NIV)

The Mountain of Learning

By Victoria Osteen

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