MLM Business | 4 Keys To Getting Started Right

MLM Business | 4 Keys To Getting Started Right

So you’ve started an MLM business? What next? Sure there is company training in place, your up line is giving you advice, and every link you click online offers another solution. I get emails every day titled “Please Help!” that go on to tell me….I just started an MLM business and “I don’t know where to start”, “I need to make money right away”, “People aren’t taking me seriously” and the list goes on and on. Today’s post is going to tackle, what I believe to be, the root of the problem for so many struggling network marketers. Treating a MLM business….well…like a business.

Open The Doors To Your MLM Business

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All business open with an attention grabbing splash…a grand opening of sorts. This is why so many companies and up lines encourage some sort of kickoff home party. I thought I was too cool for home parties when I got started. I also only made 1 sale in my first year of network marketing so I guess I wasn’t that cool after all. Whether or not you do a home party is up to you, but you have to officially open your business. So even if is an all out blitz that starts on a certain day so be it. As long as your immediate world knows you are up to something! Making an announcement to the people around you about your new MLM business  endeavor will, at the very least, keep you accountable to yourself because you can no longer choose to fail

Take Your MLM Business Seriously

I’ve often heard it said to treat your MLM business like the million dollar business it’s going to be. Act like the CEO of that million dollar business. You see, just because it only cost a few hundred bucks to start doesn’t mean a few hundred bucks worth of effort is going to change the landscape of your future. If anything, remember this, your prospects are going to take your MLM business as seriously as you do. It is not results that people need to see to take you seriously it’s vision, drive, determination, confidence etc.. Every MLM business owner has to sponsor their first rep, or make their first sale. Based on this fact alone the mentality that people need to see that it works for you before they will take your business seriously is ridiculous. Your prospects need to take you seriously, and that starts not with results, but with how you are approaching your MLM business.

4 Things Your MLM Business Should Have

We could certainly dive deeper into things that all business should have….yourMLM business being no different. However, today I want to focus on four areas that are missing in so many peoples’ businesses, but are easy to implement. Here are 4 things that your business can have by the end of the day that will drastically improve your chances of success.

  1. Hours of Operation: When I ask struggling network marketers what a week in their MLM business looks like most can’t answer. Or they tell me it depends. Sure life happens….but if you allow outside circumstances to dictate when you work on your business, and are just kind of winging it, then you are setting yourself up for failure.
  2. Expenses: Every business has expenses and your MLM business is no different. But, those expenses are pennies compared to the expenses of a traditional business and the upside potential is as good if now greater. If you are really ready to treat your MLM business like a business then find satisfaction in the fact that you are getting away for pennies on the dollar compared to those traditional business suckers J (Disclaimer: Not trying to insult anyone. Just out to help my fellow MLMer’s make a mindset shift. Traditional business owners rock too!)
  3. Forecasts: Every serious business out there has forecasts. For your MLM business the equivalent of forecasts are short and long term goals. In fact your hours of operation and your expenses need to be in line with your forecasts.
  4. Expectation of Profit: Any for profit business has an expectation of just that….profit. Your MLM business should be no different. For you to successfully sponsor reps you first must believe (not show) that you have the ability to profit. Like most businesses this may not happen right away, but if you have steps 1-3 in place your MLM business has a much better chance of having a profitable future.

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