Marriage With Purpose

Marriage With Purpose

That was our exit!” I exclaimed. “You should have turned.”

“What?” Les responded. “I thought we were supposed to stay on this road until we got to a light.”

We were late for a dinner engagement. It was dark and rainy, and we were trying to decipher cryptic directions to a Seattle restaurant. In exasperation, I pointed to the spot on the map where Les had made his alleged error: “See, right here is where we are supposed to be.” Les pulled the map closer to his eyes, studied it for a moment, and then broke out into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“This is a map of Tacoma – not Seattle,” he said while gasping for breath between laughs. I had to admit it was funny, too. Our shared laughter was welcome relief from the anxiety and tension of being lost.

Using the right map to get where you are going makes life a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to marriage. Whether you are trying to find your way through a neighborhood or charting the course of your marriage, pull out your compass, consult your marriage map, and take inventory of your direction.

We have experienced our own matrimonial wandering, but in the last few years, we have crafted a purpose statement that keeps our marriage on track. In quiet moments of contemplation, accompanied by a cup of coffee, a yellow pad of paper, and a well-worn eraser, we drafted a statement that has become our purpose:

“Understanding that only God meets all our needs, we will love each other with empathy and try to model a healthy relationship to the couples we mentor.” This statement has become part of our marital mission, and it helps us keep our eyes fixed on the path before us.

Maybe drafting a purpose statement for your marriage is not your style. There are other ways to keep your marital mission on your mind. We know a husband who carries a key chain with a small plaque attached that reads: “Love is a decision.” It is a meaningful reminder to him that he chose his marriage. And that simple statement helps him cultivate his commitment to his wife.

We know a woman who displays on her desk at work a copy of the prayer that was said at her wedding. Rereading that prayer takes her back to the “mission” of her marriage. For some couples the simple act of carrying a photo of each other keeps before them the reason they are married – to love and help the other person grow in grace.

Take a moment to consider your purpose together. Chart your marriage map in whatever way that works for you. As you look ahead and fix your gaze in the direction before you, you can make this the best year of your marriage yet.

by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

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