Make life good now

For life to ever be good, you must choose to see it and live it as good right now. To get the job done, you must do the work now.
You can hope for the best, and though your hope points you in a positive direction it cannot get you there on its own. What will get you there is to use this moment, right now, in a positive and effective way. … Here is your place and now is your time to act. The possibilities you seek are yours to fulfill, now.
Rather than wishing for things to be different, work to make things better. Now is when you can, and now is when you must, if it ever is to be.
You have the power and the resources to make life good now. Because you have you, and you have now, and you can live it all with positive purpose.
Choose to live the goodness that is always your best possibility. Choose to make life good, now.
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