Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully

Be careful what you are hearing. The measure [of thought and study] you give [to the truth you hear] will be the measure [of virtue and knowledge] that comes back to you—and more [besides] will be given to you who hear. (Mark 4:24)

The Bible says that in the latter days many false prophets will rise up and tell people what their itching ears want to hear. People will search for anyone who will tell them something pleasing and gratifying. To suit their own desires, they will turn away from hearing the truth and will wander off into listening to myths and man-made fiction (see 2 Timothy 4:3–4). They will turn to methods that may be called “spiritual,” but are not safe in God’s Kingdom. They are “spiritual,” but they come from the wrong spirit!

Never before have we seen such an influx of psychics vying for a ready ear. Television shows feature mediums who claim to communicate with people who have died. These people are actually communicating with familiar spirits who tell half-truths about the past and lies about the future. This is strictly forbidden in Scripture (see Leviticus 19:31). God says He will set His face against anyone who turns to mediums and spiritists (see Leviticus 20:6–7), yet Christians still read horoscopes and consult psychics—then wonder why they live in confusion and don’t have peace.

We must realize that it is wrong to seek guidance for our lives through anything other than God Himself. If you have been involved in activity of this kind, I urge you to thoroughly repent; ask God to forgive you; and turn away completely from such practices. God alone has all the answers you need.

God’s word for you today: Don’t play with matches; they only lead to fire.

by Joyce Meyer


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