The Importance of Unity

The Importance of Unity

The Importance of Unity

The Importance of Unity

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

It is like the dew of [lofty] Mount Hermon and the dew that comes on the hills of Zion; for there the Lord has commanded the blessing,

even life forevermore [upon the high and the lowly]. – Psalm 133:1, 3

I love this psalm because this principle is so powerful:

life is enjoyable when people live in unity and keep strife (conflict) out of their lives.

On the other hand, there is nothing worse than a home or relationship filled with an angry undercurrent of strife.

Perhaps that’s why unity is one of the last things Jesus prayed about before He was arrested and crucified. During the Last Supper He prayed, That they all may be one, [just] as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so that the world may believe and be convinced that You have sent Me (John 17:21).

You might be able to preach a sermon or memorize Bible verses. You might do many good works and share the message of salvation with others. However, if you do all this, yet you are living in strife rather than in unity, your life will lack peace, joy, and blessing.

If you are wondering why you aren’t experiencing more of God’s power and blessing in your life, look at your relationships. Do you have strife with your spouse, your children, your coworkers, or your fellow believers? Do you cause or participate in conflict in your church or on the job?

Do all you can to keep the strife out of your life and live in peace. Remember, where there is unity, there will also be anointing and blessing.

Trust in Him Think about your relationships. What do you see in them that might be hindering the flow of God’s blessing in your life? God wants you to live in unity and be blessed. You can trust Him to help you get your life on track, but you have to be willing to do your part and stay in peace and unity.

The Importance of Unity

by Joyce Meyer

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