I am Blessed with Great abundance

I am Blessed with Great abundance

Life’s abundance is yours, right here, right now. Make good and meaningful use of it.

There is a very real connection between what you have and what you truly desire. Put your energy and effort into working your way through that connection.

Life’s amazing abundance is yours, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and take it all in. On the contrary, it means you have the obligation to step forward and invest that abundance in creating new beauty.

Consider for a moment how immensely fortunate you are. Then get busy earning that good fortune with positive, purposeful action.

Life’s great abundance can be transformed into wonderful, useful, elegant and meaningful value. And you have the great privilege of being able to cause that transformation.

Look at life’s great abundance and feel the possibilities. Now is when you can make them real.

Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator


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