How SuperAchievers Think

How SuperAchievers Think

How SuperAchievers Think

How SuperAchievers Think

Hello, Hope you’re in superb spirits today.

I’ve got something really good for you… to thank you for being someone with the guts to pursue creativity + productivity + mastery.

So. Are you ready to learn how people like Picasso, Edison, Bill Gates, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, JK Rowling and Mozart think?

[They have a COMPLETELY unique way of seeing things compared to most people].

In my hotel room in beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa I recorded this inspiring training video to help you UNLEASH your best in these uncertain times. You’ll learn advanced ideas like “The Seduction of Genius” and my “Scheduled Increments” strategy to 5X your achievement level.

Here is the Video

1) The Hypnosis of Genius

Genius is not the Realm of Genetics
Genius is the Realm of Practice.

Go Get the Brain you EARN NOT the Brain you want

Do Not be Seduced by the Hypnosis of Genius

You Can be a Genius at the things you want to do

You can be so much more successful than you currently are

To have the results that only 5% of the population have, you must be willing to do what only 5% of the population are willing to do.

How SuperAchievers Think

How SuperAchievers Think

2) Scheduled Increments

If you write things down, you increase your commitment to getting them done

The hours that Ordinary People Waste, Extraordinary People Leverage

Develop a Gorgeous Respect for Time

The Things that get Scheduled are the Things that Get Done

How SuperAchievers Think

How SuperAchievers Think

3) The Dignity of Labor

All Work is Nobel

All Work has Dignity

A Job is Only Just a Job if You Choose to see it as a Job

ALL Work is a Chance to CHANGE the WORLD

How SuperAchievers Think

By Robin Sharma

Here is the Video






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