How I Achieve my own Goals by Robin Sharma

How I Achieve my own Goals

How I Achieve my own Goals

 How I Achieve my own Goals

There are a number of highly specialized protocols that I run to get my personal results. It’s all part of a formula that’s been 18 years in the making.

When you run this formula that so few people in the world know, you’ll get the results few people on the planet get. [Works every time when done properly].

I’ve been blessed to share this proprietary formula for extreme achievement with the billionaires, NHL stars, NBA greats, pop icons and Titans I advise. And it’s generated exponential results for them.

In the coming days I’ll be sharing some of the best things I’ve figured out on the mindset of mastery, epic productivity and kickstarting your finest performance.

These pieces come from my extreme achievement formula that has been the “missing link” that has fueled the results of so many of my private coaching clients…

As promised, here’s video #2 in my free 4-part training series on becoming an extreme achiever and getting the things you’ve always wanted to do done.

In this video I’ll explain the core thinking patterns I’ve personally installed to get huge goals done…

…and near the end you’ll discover one of the primary elements of my extreme achievement formula that has helped the best 10X their results.

Please note: I mention this one element very subtly a few times throughout this video so really listen for it because once you get it, everything will change for you.

This video will really help you a lot if you want to end 2014 at the best place you’ve ever been in your life (there’s still enough time to make this happen you know).

Stan, video #2 is waiting for you now so go watch it:

In video #1, which everyone LOVED, I took you with me to a vineyard in South Africa, an airport in JoBurg and a famous site in Rome while walking you through some of my best ideas on developing the mindset of mastery, becoming unbeatable and getting awesome results in these next few weeks.

In video #2, I share my personal story, how I overcame those who laughed at my dreams + goals and some “pure gold” insights that will really help you make these last days of 2014 the most successful days of the entire year.

I’ll be sending you video #3 (called The Game-Changer’s Protocol) in a few days so make sure you watch the first two right now so you don’t get behind and miss all of this supervaluable training I’ve made for you with such passion for your success and conviction for your greatness.

It’s all free.

My gift to you because I believe in you, want to help you and know our world will be a much better place if each of us lived at our full potential…

…oh…and in video #3 I’ll walk you through the secret behind the power of all top athletes, warriors like Navy Seals, peak entrepreneurs and top producers as well as the best way to get inspired (it’s based on a neurotransmitter called dopamine)…

…you’ll get it in a few days so check your inbox for it as it’s rich with new information and will walk you through what the best producers are doing that you need to know about if you don’t want to be left behind.

Hope all this helps. And that together we get you to the best place you’ve ever been at in your entire life these remaining weeks of 2014.

Talk soon,

P.S. Remember Stan, in a few days I’ll be sending you video #3 in this free 4-part Extreme Achiever training series so you make quantum leaps in your mindset, productivity and performance, so definitely check your inbox for it…

…I’ve spent countless hours of painstaking work to make this free Extreme Achiever video training series into a sequence that will create some really gorgeous results for you as you learn (and then do) what I teach in each video…

…but if you haven’t watched video #1 and video #2 by the time I send over video #3 (The Game-Changer’s Protocol) you won’t get the maximum benefit out of the training!

So go watch video #1 right now to learn the essential ways the most successful performers think, behave and produce.

And definitely don’t miss video #2 where I explain how I create my own mindset on overcoming adversity and getting great goals done.

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How I Achieve my own Goals

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