God’s Timing

God’s Timing

God's Timing

God’s Timing

Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. —Psalm 127:1

During the three years of Jesus’ earthly ministry, people thought He was crazy. His own brothers were embarrassed by Him, and in an effort to save their reputation they told Him He needed to go somewhere else and do His works. If He was unwilling to do that, they told Him to take action and stop doing His works in secret. They tried to convince Him it was time to show Himself and His works to the world. They wanted Jesus to impress the people with what He could do.

He responded to them by saying, “My time (opportunity) has not come yet” (John 7:6).

How many of us could show that type of self-control? If you could do the miracles that He could do and were being made fun of and challenged to show your stuff, what would you do? Would you wait until you absolutely knew that it was the right time sanctioned by God?

It is good to have plans, and I believe we should plan boldly and aggressively, but we must be wise enough to know that our plans will ultimately fail without God. We must learn to wait for God’s plans to develop. True boldness moves in God’s timing.

Lord, I want to have a plan for my life that is worthy of Your name. But teach me to wait upon You and to move at the right times. Amen.

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