God’s Idea of “Big”

God’s Idea of “Big”

Gods Joy

Gods Joy


TODAY’S SCRIPTURE:  “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:3, NIV).


God did not create us to reach one level and stop. When we think, “Oh God, thank You, I’ve accomplished my dreams,” God says, “I appreciate your thanks, but I’m not finished with you. It’s too small a thing for you to stay there. I’ve got something bigger.” In our minds, it could be huge. Just got the promotion. Just moved into the Compaq Center. Just met the person of my dreams. God did more than I could ask or think. The whole time, God’s in the heavens saying, “You haven’t seen anything yet. I’m glad you’re happy, but that’s a small thing.”

God’s idea of big is much different than our idea of big. In scripture, David not only ended up serving the king, he became the king. He thought, “God, wow, You’ve amazed me with Your goodness.” God said, “Still, it’s too small a thing, David. I’m going to put one of your descendants on the throne for the next 1,000 generations.

Remember, as long as you have breath, God isn’t finished with you yet. He has so much more in store for your future. Be open to His leading because God’s idea of big is so much greater than anything you could imagine!


Father, thank You for every good and perfect gift that You’ve given to my life. I open myself to the good things You have for my future. I believe and receive every blessing You have prepared for me in Jesus’ name.

God’s Idea of “Big”

By Joel Osteen

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