God Will Lead You into His Wisdom

Wisdom cries aloud in the street,  she raises her voice in the market… Proverbs  1:20

God wants us to use wisdom to make right choices, and the Holy Spirit  will lead us into wisdom if we will simply ask Him to do so.

Have you ever needed to make a decision and had your head (your intellectual  abilities) try to lead you one way while your heart was leading you in another  direction? Have you ever had a situation in which your flesh (your natural  thoughts and feelings) seemed to be guiding you down one path, but something  inside you kept nagging you to go another way? For example, have there been  times when you stayed up late at night watching television, even though you  knew you needed a good night’s sleep to be strong and alert for an important  meeting the next day—and you kept resisting the knowledge in your heart that you  really should go to bed? Have you purchased something you were excited about on  an emotional level, but knew in your heart you could not really afford and  didn’t even need it?

What is happening in the kinds of circumstances I have just described? Chances  are, wisdom is crying out to you. Many times, it cries out in the form of the  things you find yourself thinking you should or should not do—you should eat  healthily; you should be kind to other people; you should not spend money you  do not have. These are all practical examples of using wisdom in everyday life.  When you sense such leadings, the Holy Spirit, Who speaks to your heart, is  trying to help you make a wise decision, even though it may not be the choice  you want to make or it may not seem to make much sense in your present  circumstances.

When we know the wise choice to make and don’t make it, the reason is  often because we are allowing our flesh to lead us and to see if we can get  away with unwise decisions—which is also known as “foolishness.” The flesh  leads us to foolishness, but God wants us to walk in wisdom and make choices now  that we will be happy with later.

Trust in Him: What decision  are you wrestling with? Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you to the wise choice.  It may take some time to learn to hear the Holy Spirit over your flesh, but God  is patient and will continue to provide you with opportunities to listen for  His leading.

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