God Wants to Take you to a New Level

Give instruction to a wise man  and he will be yet wiser; teach a righteous man (one upright and in right  standing with God) and he will increase in learning. —Proverbs 9:9

Even though God wants us to live  joyful, contented lives, He sometimes causes discontent or a feeling that  something is not right because He does not want us to continue doing the same  old things anymore. He wants to prod us to seek Him so He can take us to new  levels.

God always wants us to grow  stronger, to go deeper, and to increase in intimacy with Him. Most of the time,  He leads us into that process of maturity by leading us out of places where we  have been comfortable in the past. Too much comfort for too long can mean that  we are not growing. If you feel something stirring in your heart that you don’t  quite understand, just ask God what is happening and take time to wait on Him  to answer.

Our time with God is vitally  important to our growth and maturity, but we cannot do the same things all the  time and experience all that God has for us. I have had times when reading the  Bible became laborious and God simply led me to read a different translation  for a few months. Just that little change brought new growth because I saw  things in a different way. Satan tried to condemn me because I did not want to  read the Bible, but God was just trying to get me to make a change in the  translation I was reading. One day I felt a bit bored as I tried to read and  pray so I moved to another chair in my office and suddenly I saw things that  had been in my office for years, but I had not noticed them. A little  adjustment caused me to see things from a whole new perspective and God taught  me a spiritual lesson just because I sat in a different chair.

God’s word for you today: Don’t be afraid to  move your chair.

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