God Is Our Leader

I am the Vine;  you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant)  fruit. However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing. —John 15:5

Imagine you’re a member of a basketball team,  captained by a point guard who is the most talented player in the world. Not  only can this athlete outplay anyone else on the court, he can also bring out  the best in her teammates. You can enter each game with confidence, knowing  that your team leader has the knowledge and skill to lead you to victory. Sure,  you will need to do your part, fulfill your role on the team, but even if you  have an off game, your superstar will have you covered. he’s got your back.  And, as each game unfolds, you find that your leader’s confidence is  contagious. You can play boldly, because your captain inspires you.

So, if I say I am confident, I don’t mean that I am  confident in myself or my abilities. I mean that I am confident in my leader,  God, and the gifts, talents, and knowledge He has placed in me. I know that  without Him I am nothing, but with Him I can be a champion, because He brings  out the best in me.

Lord, I’m delighted that You have welcomed me by grace onto Your team. I  am glad that my confidence has been grounded in You and what You’ve done for me  rather than in myself. I will enjoy being a branch of Your Vine today. Amen.

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