Go the distance

Go the distance

Though the road ahead is long and challenging, take the next step now. There is much to be done, and you can get it done by making good use of every day, of every moment.

When faced with a difficult task it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. The best way to get past that feeling is not to give up, but to get busy and make some solid progress.

Unexpected challenges will arise, obstacles will block your path, and it will feel like the world is against you. When that happens, the key to feeling better about your situation is to do something positive and proactive with it.

Remind yourself that in this moment all is well, because you are here and able to make a difference. This moment is the sum of everything you have, so choose to feel good about it and to do good with it.

To assure the best of what is to come, make the best of what is right now. Instead of dreading what you imagine in the future, embrace and make positive use of the reality of the present.

You can absolutely go the distance if you’ll take it one positive, productive moment at a time. Live fully now, and you’ll be immensely thankful you did, for a long time to come.

Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator



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