Getting Through Tough Times

The Advantages of Adversity

Getting through tough times

“Getting through tough times” is a phrase that more and more people are going to Google and searching for each day.

And with the ups and downs in the economy, that’s really no surprise… A LOT of people are struggling financially.

Now let me begin by saying that even though this blog is mostly about business stuff (internet marketing, success, motivation and that sort of thing), this particular post that you are reading can be applied to far more than that.

I understand that “tough times” are not limited to financial or business trouble alone.

They come in all areas of life.

We all face them every now and then.

That’s Why This Post Is Named ‘Getting Through Tough Times’…

That’s why the name of this post is “Getting Through Tough Times” instead of “Getting Through Tough Times In Business” – The information that I share below can be applied to ANY situation.

When it comes to getting through tough times in life (business included), you need to know that adversity actually works to your advantage!

Just google “success stories of entrepreneurs” (another time, not now) and you will fill find countless stories to back this up.

So the first step is to REALIZE this fact.

…And once you do, it becomes much easier to get through the tough situation.

Easier said then done though, right?tough-times

Look, I get it. I’ve had plenty of tough times myself, and I know how much pain and suffering they can cause.

I’m also very familiar with the overwhelming desire that comes with it… The desire to be removed from the bad situation as quickly as possible.

That’s just human nature to avoid pain. Nothing wrong with that.

Getting Through Tough Times Is Not Always Easy…

And unless you take the time to fully understand the true advantages that adversity brings, “getting through tough times” will become a more common search term for YOU in the future.

So with that said, here are a few points that will help you better understand and appreciate the advantages of adversity…

#1 – Adversity Provides an OpportunityOpportunity

Your adversity (whatever it is) will open the doors of opportunity that may have never been opened during the good times.

This is especially true if you are in a position of authority, because the world watches when adversity comes.

They don’t care what you do in the spotlight.

People want to see what you do when you are hit with the same hard situations that they are hit with. That’s when the world will listen to what you have to say.

What possible opportunities can you see hidden in your adversity?


#2 – Adversity Produces Courage In Others



Sometimes we go along in neutral, putting up with everything the world throws our way, trying to be a peacemaker and not a trouble maker.

Just “minding our own business” and staying quiet about something that we know we should probably speak up about…

Sound familiar?

But sometimes when it hits closest to home and the things we love the most get put in jeopardy, we suddenly get bold!

We stomp our foot and say enough is enough, and we take a stand.

This boldness may not have ever came out it if had not been from the adversity of someone else. (I know that’s not a direct benefit, but still a “pro” vs. a “con when looking at the big picture of your adversity)

#3 – Adversity Proves The Character Of Your Friendscalvinhobbes_friends

Did you know that you have a lot more acquaintances than you do friends?

Sure, there may be lots of people that know your name, but those same people will run for the hills when things start happening in your life that calls for courageous friendship.

Has your adversity shown you who your true friends are?

#4 – Adversity Increases Our Personal Determination


Let’s be honest here…

There are probably a few things that you KNOW you should be doing but for whatever reason you still haven’t.

Don’t worry, everybody does this.

The good news is that many times, when adversity comes into your life, it is accompanied by the greatest motivator in the entire world. (Fear of loss)

When we are scared that we are going to lose something, we force ourselves to do those things we know we need to do.

Most of the time it’s a “last ditch” effort and it’s not as pretty as we would like it to be, but it’s still better than no effort at all.

On a business level, it provokes us to TAKE ACTION.

Which leads to a positive RESULT.

Which then gives us more CONFIDENCE.

And more confidence usually leads to even more action being taken, and the cycle continues.

A lot of the practical application training we teach inside of Results 513 is built around this same “Action > Result > Confidence” cycle…

It’s not about getting it it perfect the first time… It’s about making progress each day.

#5 – Adversity Gives You Perspectivehalf-full-glass

This one is BIG because your perspective determines how your situation will ultimately affect you.

Paul’s story in the Bible provides us with one of the greatest examples of perspective that I’ve ever seen. It’s a perspective that many people strive for (including myself), but few of us ever find it because it’s not gained in prosperity.

The greatest lessons you will learn in life are not learned on the mountain, but rather in the valley.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask anybody who has had even a tiny bit of success.

It’s during the tough times when we grow.

It’s during the tough times, when we find courage, confidence, motivation, ect.

So here’s the point to remember when getting through tough times…

In this world, you will have adversity.

What you do with it is up to you.

You can fold, or you can fight.

Stand or fall.

Press on, or give up.

If you want to get through this tough time, you have to decide that nothing and no one will stop you on your journey.

Step into your light,

Getting Through Tough Times

Justin Glover

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