The Fullness of the Blessing

The Fullness of the Blessing




TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: But I know that when I come to you, I shall come in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ. Romans 15:29, NKJV.


God’s blessing is His supernatural empowerment. It is His favor. And we’ve all seen a measure of His blessing, but I believe there is a whole new level He wants to take you to. God has promises and opportunities in store for you that you haven’t even thought of yet! What you’ve seen in the past is only a fraction of what God wants to do in your future.

Understand that God likes to outdo Himself. He wants to open doors for you and bring out talents and abilities you didn’t even know you had. Remember, the God we serve is a God of abundance. He is the God of more than enough. Not only does He want to meet your needs, He wants to give you enough to bless other people. That’s living in the fullness of the blessing. Don’t settle where you are. Your destiny is not determined by the economy, by your past, or what anyone else thinks or says. Your destiny is determined by Almighty God. He wants to overwhelm you with His goodness so you can walk in the fullness of the blessing!


Father, I come to You today with an open and humble heart. Show me Your ways. Teach me to be a blessing to others. Help me to love others the way You love me so I can walk in the fullness of the blessing in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Fullness of the Blessing

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