Freedom in Contentment

Freedom in Contentment




TODAY’S SCRIPTURE  “…I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Philippians 4:11, NIV)


In life, sometimes it’s easy to get so focused on our dreams and goals that we tune out everything else. We can get to the point where we’re not going to be happy until we see those things happen. But I’ve found that if we have to have something in order to be happy, our lives are out of balance. When our goals and dreams start to frustrate us, and we lose our peace and don’t enjoy life, that’s a clear sign that we’re holding on too tightly. What’s the solution? You’ve got to release it. Freedom comes when you say, “God, I’m turning it all over to You.

You know my desires and what’s best for me. I’m choosing to trust You and Your timing.”

When we learn to be content whatever the circumstances, it takes away the power of the enemy. It takes away his ability to frustrate us. Not only that, but by our actions, we are showing our faith in

God. When you choose to trust His timing, you can live in peace, you can live in joy, and you can rest in Him knowing that He has good things in store for your future. Today, find freedom in contentment and rest in His everlasting peace.


Father, today I choose to trust You. I release frustration over the dreams and desires in my heart because You know what’s best for me. I choose to trust Your timing knowing that You are faithful. I will bless You in all things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Freedom in Contentment

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