Facing Others

Facing Others

Then David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man…Then Nathan said to David, You are the man! —2 Samuel 12:5, 7

Fear means running away from or taking flight, but confrontation means facing something head-on. Sometimes those confrontations require us to face ourselves—maybe we’re fearful of failure or fearful of success. Sometimes the fears or concerns you have will require confronting someone else, maybe a parent or a husband, even a child.

David Augsburger, in his book Caring Enough to Confront, suggests ways you can express your thoughts while at the same time showing that you care about the other person: “I feel deeply about the issue at stake.” “I want respect for my view.” “I want you to trust me with your honest feelings.” “I want your unpressured, clear, honest view of our differences.” “I want your caring-confronting response.” “I care about our relationship.” “I want to hear your view and respect your insights.” “I trust you to be able to handle my honest feelings.” “I will not trick, pressure, manipulate, or distort the differences between us.”

We may think that there is less risk of us being hurt or someone else being hurt if we don’t deal with something. Just remember, though, if you run, you will have to keep running.

Lord, give me wisdom for any issue of fear regarding another person. Help me to be honest and to show that I care, and give me the courage to take a stand and deal with it. Amen.

by Joyce Meyer


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