EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION  We understand that people have a hard time making a change… even if it means that it will result in an improved lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created

Not since the popularity of the $4 cup has there been such a dramatic shift in how people will drink their coffee.   GanoCafe™ is an evolution of coffee—since 1995, we’ve been committed to our quest for the perfect brew. GanoCafe™, the retail coffee brand of Gano Excel™, is our way of sharing our personal journey of not only bringing you a superior cup of coffee, but one that will energizé, revitalizé, harmonizé and socializé.

The evolution came from enriching everyday products with herbal ingredients to provide better wellness through daily usage. But what sets us apart from other products is Ganoderma Lucidum. Also known as Reishi, yeongji and Lingzhi, Gano Excel™ is the pioneer and foremost expert on the benefits of this amazing herb. Give us a try, and start to learn how Gano Excel™ can change your life…for the better.  http://unlimitedprofits.com/?ID=44019

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