Even the problems

Even the problems
Don’t let the problems be your excuses to do nothing. Let them be your motivation to do something positive, effective and valuable.
When you choose to be dismayed by the problems, you set yourself up to experience ever-growing levels of negativity. Yet you can just as realistically choose to be empowered by each problem. … You don’t have to view the problems as piling up on top of you. Instead, see them as stretching out in front of you, forming a pathway to achievement.
By following that path, by making the choice to deal with each problem, you have the opportunity to create massive value. You’re skilled and experienced at making things happen, and each problem is an opportunity to make good, meaningful use of your capabilities.
There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the problems. Make the decision to feel positive and enthusiastic about the experience of successfully working your way through them.
Even the problems give you ways to add richness and fulfillment to life. Choose to see the positive possibilities, and make that richness your own.
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