YOUR DREAM’S FLU SHOT by Brian Carruthers

YOUR DREAM’S FLU SHOT by Brian Carruthers

Dream Big

Dream Big

So that you don’t catch the flu from others who have the infection, doctors will give you a small dose/shot of the flu so that your body’s immune system can build up resistance to it before you come in contact
with the virus. Most people say it’s worth getting a tiny touch of the flu so that you don’t catch the fullblown illness.

So, you have just started your network marketing business. Now it’s time to inoculate you. When you joined your company, it all seems like such a no-brainer to you.

The product is so valuable, needed, and inexpensive. And who wouldn’t want to make extra money?

Everyone will sign up for this, right? So instead of getting advice and training, you feel it’s going to be easy to just pick up the phone and start calling your friends and tell them about it and sign them up.
But guess what … here’s your shot of the flu … they don’t all join! In the beginning, most won’t. Some will even try to discourage you.

They will say things like:

• I don’t need that product • Is that a pyramid scheme? • I don’t have time for that • Don’t waste your
time on that • I know someone who joined and made no money • Nobody makes money in those businesses

• Sure, I will come check it out (and they don’t show up) • Sure, I will watch the DVD (and they never watch it)

If you understand and expect this from the outset, you can effectively handle these responses and not let it hinder your success.

If you have had your flu shot, you can get around people carrying the virus and not become infected yourself.

Every top earner in the business got these same responses every day, and still do!

Many people claim to be open minded, but in reality most have pre-conceived notions and closed
minds. The key is knowing the right way to approach people. Coming right out and saying, “Have you
heard of [Company]?” or “Do you want to make some money?” does not work. In fact, running out there
without proper training will blow your chance at a good first impression. Of course you are excited and
ready to start building your business, but don’t sabotage your business on your first day. Learn from the
thousands of people who have already made the mistakes before you, and learn what works and what
doesn’t work. In other words … STOP! Do not go talk to people yet!

Your friends know you for you, and not as an expert in this new business. They will not take the information
properly from you. Don’t let your ego convince you otherwise. In your training, you will learn
how to utilize your upline experts to share the information properly for you. There are ways to get people
in front of the information where they do not feel like their friend is trying to sell/recruit them. The approach
needs to be right. Then the presentation needs to be third party (PBR/home meeting with expert,
PCC/conference call, Business Briefing/seminar at hotel, DVD, or 2-on-1/sit-down meeting with your
upline). You will learn this as you attend training events in your area, by listening to the CDs, and listening
to weekly team training calls.

Your upline experts will also coach you on what to say in your approach to
your contacts. Just remember, it’s all about getting appointments, not explaining anything over the phone
or bits and pieces on the fly. Get appointments to show them the whole presentation. This is the only way
you will sign people up. (Maybe by the time you read this, you have already blown it with a few people.
Don’t keep making the same mistake from here on out.)

So make sure you do not catch the flu (get discouraged and possibly quit when people give you negative
responses or objections)! People don’t know what they don’t know. How can they judge a movie when
they themselves have never sat in the theater and watched it? They buy into one negative person who has
been walking the country infecting everyone with their negative virus. Misery loves company. People love
to spread negativity. What you will find is more than half of the people who actually see a whole presentation
will sign up! The key is them seeing the whole presentation … so get appointments! Don’t talk to
people about it. Be vague and get the presentation in front of them.

Now that you have read this, we hope your baby skin will begin to become rhino skin. Decide to become
bullet- proof, and not let words from others knock you out of the box of your business. You wouldn’t
let someone talk you out of your faith, or your family, or your job. So don’t let them talk you out of your
vehicle that will take you to your dreams and goals. Get good at spotting dream killers and avoid them.

Focus on why you started this business … what you want success in this business to accomplish for you.

When your Why is super strong, so will your resolve to work, grow and succeed. See you at the top!


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