Do You Ever Feel Lack Of Motivation?

Do You Ever Feel Lack Of Motivation?

kicking buttDo you ever feel lack of motivation… like you need to get yourself going?

We all do at times.

I read something very profound the other day from a newsletter I subscribe to.

Very true and very well put and something we all need to be reminded of.

Transforming, changing and/or motivating yourself isn’t easy. You run into one roadblock after another and just as soon as you have one removed or overcome, another creeps into your path.

Or, that doubting Thomas on your shoulder finds “reasons why” something you’re trying to do just won’t work or can’t get done.

If it was easy to motivate or transform yourself for the better, we’d have a country and world full of very capable, high-performers. But, you and I both know that’s no where near the case. The vast majority are sloths. Loath to change. Loathe really, to do much other than cash a check for nothing.

I find it especially refreshing to read this for 2 reasons.


Is that most of the people who fall into this category are NOT who you want to attract as clients and/or recruits.

Do you?

Do you really want to motivate the unmotivated?

Do you want to convince people that they SHOULD want to strive for more… provide a better life for their family… and achieve freedom and independence?

Trust me, you DO NOT want to fight that battle, a battle you will not win.

Ask me how I know.

I only spent over 10 years of my life doing exactly that, until it finally got through my thick skull that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make people want to win.

They either do or they don’t. Period.

And it’s a heck of a lot easier to deal with people that have a burning desire to do something with their life, than trying to convince people why they should.

Which is why Attraction Marketing is the best thing that has happened to this whole industry.

It helps you ATTRACT the right people with laser-targeted marketing and advertising, while repelling all the wrong people that will simply suck up all your time and energy… something you should be very protective of.


And I think even more importantly is it’s a great reminder that we all need a kick in the butt every now and then to GET GOING.

If you REALLY want what others don’t have, then you need to do what others are simply aren’t willing to do.

I got an autographed book from Tom Hopkins who I consider my personal sales mentor.

It says…. “Vitaly, GOYA!”

Which stands for… “GET OFF YOUR ASS!”

Lately I’ve been having conversations with my oldest daughter about the fact that if you want something, you have to go and get it.

You know I have to remove the brainwashing that’s going on in our schools and make sure she understands that it’s NOT OK to just coast. You have to try and make mistakes and pick yourself up and keep trying until you get what you want.

See, she’s been spoiled. In a good way, like so many kids are today. Which is the result of 2 people who didn’t have much, and are eager to give WAY MORE to their kids than they got growing up.

Which in my case wasn’t much at all due to where I actually grew up.

And in my little talks with her, I tell her stories of working since I’ve been 14. Trying all kinds of things. Starting a business at 17 and falling flat on my face with it, and many more.

And each time I do, I realize how “lucky” I am to have all these “wonderful” experiences which at the time seemed like never ending struggles.

They make you who you are.

Each struggle or disappointment I had (and I had MANY), only made me stronger and hungrier for success.

Are you going through struggles and disappointments right now?

Are things not happening exactly like you thought they would?

That’s normal. I think it’s an endurance test that we all need to pass on the way to the promise land.

And the quicker you get through these obstacles, which are inevitable… and you stay focused without letting them derail you… the faster you get the things you want out of life.

The mere fact you’re reading this right now, puts you in the elite 2% of the achievers and over achievers who refuse to give in and settle for less.

So if things haven’t yet been going exactly as you planned… congratulate yourself for still being here and GOYA!


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