A Different Approach

A Different Approach


I was talking to a young man one day, and he was telling me how he wanted to become more positive. He knew his attitude was keeping him from God’s best, but he wasn’t sure how to get past how he was feeling. I said, “Why don’t you try a different approach? Why don’t you try changing your focus? Maybe you don’t like your job, but you can thank God that you at least have a job. That’s more than a lot of people. Maybe you don’t like where you are in life right now, but thank God that you are breathing and living and that you have options ahead of you even if you don’t see them right now.”

See, sometimes we can try to change things around us, but really what we need to do is change our approach. One thing I’ve discovered is that a person of faith sees with a heart of gratefulness. When you approach life with a grateful heart, you see your problems as smaller and your God as bigger. It puts things back into perspective. When you look at life with a grateful heart, it opens the door for God to move on your behalf.

Today, know that God has a good plan for your life. Stay close to Him by praising and thanking Him for what He is doing. He wants to be Lord over your victories and your challenges. He wants you to thank Him in the times of blessing and in the difficult times. He knows that we are all a work in progress, and He wants us to draw near to Him so that He can draw near to us. If you find yourself needing to make a change, start by changing your approach. Keep your heart filled with gratitude and let Him complete the work He’s begun in your life.

“For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” (Phil 2:13, NASB)

by Victoria Osteen

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