Delight in the efforts

Delight in the efforts

When there is much work to be done, there is much life to be lived, and much value to be created. The difficult, challenging tasks are the most desirable ones, for they’re the ones that can make life rich.

If the work is hard, if the task is demanding, take it as a golden opportunity to raise your performance to an even higher level. You have what it takes to diligently work your way through, and the rewards can be enormous when you do.

Delight in the efforts, for those efforts will bring much meaningful substance to life. Embrace the challenges, and those challenges will give you strength, confidence, persistence and satisfaction.

You know how good it feels to make a difference. It feels great, so do it again and again.

Instead of being weighed down with regret, let yourself be buoyed by your own achievements. Embrace the efforts, find delight in them, and feel the power of your own purpose as it is manifested through your actions.

Give your best, most enthusiastic efforts to life. And you’ll be giving great fulfillment to yourself.

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