Creative genius

Creative genius

There was a time when you knew you could do anything, and you did. There was a time when you were not afraid of your own possibilities, and you acted on them, and brought those possibilities to life.

There was a time when you created purely for the joy of it. There was a time when you learned just because you were curious.

You still can do all those things and more. Your capabilities extend far beyond anything you’ve ever done with them.

Instead of living with mediocrity, or worse, you can live with passion, purpose, joy and fulfillment. Instead of giving in to the fear that you’ll be looked at as weird for following your dreams, you can truly celebrate and live those dreams.

When it comes to living your own life and fulfilling your own purpose, you are the world’s most creative genius. Imagine how great it can be to put that genius to work.

Imagine, and then live all the good things you imagine. Imagine, and then put your imagination into fulfilling, joyous action.

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