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Is your Dream to have Your Time back & Live Life on your Terms.

            Is your Dream to have Your Time back & Live Life on your Terms. Hello: Internet Entrepreneur Are you looking for extra income or your own Internet Business. Our Internet Home Business has a  Proven Profitable easy to follow System We will Mentor & Teach you all the Internet […]

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Suffering is an Inevitable part of life

Suffering is an inevitable part of life. So how do we deal with it in a healthy way? 1. Meet overwhelm head-on.When we are overwhelmed with a problem, we can become paralyzed. Instead, spring into action. Start overwhelming your struggles with the sheer amount of focus, effort and energy you put into solving them. Repetitive […]

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21 Habits Of Happy People

21 Habits Of Happy People Happiness is an aspiration that all of us share.  We’ve all seen people who are always happy – even amidst agonizing life trials. I’m not saying happy people don’t feel grief, sorrow or sadness; they just don’t let it overtake their life. The following are 21 things happy people make […]

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Forever Thankful

Forever Thankful Do you remember anything special that you did exactly one week ago, or one month ago today? What can you do today that will make today a day to fondly remember for a long time to come? This day is an entire day of your life. You have the opportunity to live this […]

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Vast Abundance

Vast Abundance You have much more than you can ever possibly realize. Life is a process of connecting with deeper and deeper levels of value that have always been there, and always will. Does it ever seem that the world has passed you by, or that there are just no opportunities for you? Then it’s time […]

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Something for Something

Something for Something Plenty of people will promise you something for nothing, yet those are always empty promises. Even when you can manage to get something for nothing, it does not bring any real joy to your life. The point of life is not to figure out how to get something for nothing. The real […]

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10 Questions to Ask When Making Your Personal Life Awesome

10 Questions to Ask When Making Your Personal Life Awesome Having a life outside of work is typically a tall order — and sometimes not even an option — for time-strapped entrepreneurs and other busy professionals. Never mind having a happy, organized and fulfilling one. But being all work and no play doesn’t just lead to a dull, dissatisfying […]

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Stronger than the Problems

Stronger than the Problems Do not seek to be free of the problems. Work to be stronger than the problems. A life with no problems would be a life with no opportunities for growth or achievement. That’s not what you want, and it is certainly not realistic. In the real world there are difficult problems, […]

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Good Things You Deserve

Good Things You Deserve Living richly isn’t just for someone else. You deserve a life that’s filled with richness and joy, and you deserve to be the person who makes it happen. Good fortune isn’t just for someone else. You deserve to havegood fortune, and you deserve the experience of creating that good fortune with […]

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Your Body is exactly like a Movie Projector

Your Body is exactly like a Movie Projector, and the film running through the projector is all of your thoughts and feelings.   Everything you see on the screen of your life is what has been projected from within you, and is what you have put into the film. By choosing higher thoughts and feelings […]

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Your Best Day Yet

Your Best Day Yet You are here, on this day, with dreams, desires, challenges, opportunities, and the ability to successfully deal with it all. So give this day a solid, meaningful, positive purpose and claim the great value it offers. Make the choice to make some progress in a direction of your choosing. Instead of […]

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See the Goodness

See the Goodness What if you could eagerly look forward to the things you now resent and avoid? What if you could find genuine enjoyment in the things that now frustrate you? The fact is, you can do all that and more. Because you are in control of the way you see each and every […]

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Relaxing Peace

Relaxing Peace Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is relax. Constantly worrying about being more effective is not what makes you more effective. What makes you more effective is living with authenticity. What makes you more effective is staying focused on a meaningful purpose. Give yourself the time and space to remember the […]

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Energy of Intention

Energy of Intention Life can often leave you feeling stuck or trapped in an undesirable position. Yet no matter how confining your situation may be, there is always a positive way forward. Even though your options may be very limited, you do still have some powerful choices. Even in a difficult, highly challenging situation, there […]

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Richer and Richer

Richer and Richer The way to be rich is to realize how rich you are. The way to be rich is to express and to live the unique abundance that is yours. It’s not what you get that makes you rich. It’s what you do with all you have. The way to be truly rich […]

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