We Can Make a Difference

We Can Make a Difference

The Lord turned from the evil which He had thought to do to His people. —Exodus 32:14

Do you know that prayer can change God’s mind? As a result of someone who will simply take time to talk to Him and listen to Him, God can actually reconsider something He had planned to do.

When Moses went up Mount Sinai to get the Ten Commandments, he was gone longer than the people wanted him to be. In the absence of their leader, they forgot the Lord, gave in to their fleshly desires and decided to melt all their jewelry, make a golden calf, and worship it. God spoke to Moses on the mountain and said, essentially, “You better get back down there, because the people have really gotten themselves in a mess. And I’m angry about it.” (Thank God, Psalm 30:5 says that His anger lasts only a moment, but His mercy is forever!)

Moses began to intercede for the people because he cared so much about them. God had already said to him, “Leave Me alone, for these people are stiff-necked and stubborn” (see Exodus 32:9–10). But Moses refused to give up because the issue was not settled in his heart. He loved the people, he knew the nature of God, and he knew the character of God. On top of that, he knew that God really loved the people and did not really want to leave them stranded.

Moses asked God to change His mind (see Exodus 32:12) and according to today’s verse, God did. We can make a difference when we pray!

God’s word for you today: When you pray, God hears and answers!

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