Build a positive future

Build a positive future

Taking out your frustration on others does not end or reduce that frustration. However, giving joy to others absolutely does increase the joy in your own life.

When dealing with other people, a negative approach does not benefit anyone. A positive approach, on the other hand, can benefit everyone.

It may not seem fair or equitable to be helpful or respectful to those who have been hurtful to you. However, it can most certainly be in your best interest.

The way to ease the pain, the way to end the hurt, is not with more pain. The way to end the pain is by moving on to more positive, enriching endeavors.

Instead of looking for places to assign blame, look for opportunities to create value. Instead of holding tightly to a grudge, free yourself to live with more joy and positive purpose.

Rather than perpetuating past negativity, choose to build a positive future. That future is where you’ll soon be living, so work now to make it the very best it can be.


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