Add to it

Add a little perspective to a problem and it becomes a challenge. Add a little understanding to a challenge and it becomes an opportunity.
Add energy, effort and commitment to an opportunity and it becomes an achievement. Put true purpose into achievement and it becomes fulfillment. … Life is what it is, and yet it does not have to stay that way. You can add to it in your own unique and positive ways.
Where there is pain and suffering, you can add your compassion, your love, understanding and helpful efforts to ease the pain. Where there is disorder and uncertainty, you can add a strong sense of positive, meaningful purpose.
Whatever situation you may encounter, you can add your very best to it. The days and moments may come to you in troubling and unpredictable ways, and yet you can give the power of joy and love to them.
Life’s richness is found not so much in what comes to you as in what you do with it. Choose to add to it, in beautiful, empowering, enriching ways, and make life’s richness even more so.
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