A Habit of Prayer

A Habit of Prayer

A Habit of Prayer

A Habit of Prayer


“To You, O LORD, I called, and to the Lord I made supplication.” (Psalm 30:8, NASB)


God promises so many things to those who call on Him.

He is always listening,

He is always ready to receive us when we come to Him.

The question is, how often are you calling on Him?

A lot of times people think, “Oh I need to pray about that.” But then they get busy about their day and distracted with life.

But thinking about praying isn’t the same as praying. Knowing that you need to pray isn’t the same as praying. We have to be diligent to make time every day, throughout the day, to stop and pray and call on Him.

One way to develop a habit a prayer is to have a prayer partner, a friend who you agree to connect with and pray together.

It doesn’t have to be long or formal. But scripture tells us there is power in agreement. When two or more come together in His Name, He is there.

If you don’t have a prayer partner, Jesus will be your prayer partner! Just make sure you carve out time each day to develop a habit of prayer!

A Habit of Prayer

A Habit of Prayer


Father, thank You for Your promises and many blessings for those who are faithful to seek You in prayer. Help me to be faithful, help me to be diligent to keep you first in everything I do.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

A Habit of Prayer

By Joel Osteen

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