Make Yourself Persist

Make Yourself Persist:

If you see that you’re making a difference, keep going, and add to your positive influence. If it seems you’re not making a difference, make some adjustments, keep going, and you’re sure to find an effective way forward.

The key is to keep going. Whether you’re encouraged, discouraged, jubilant or disappointed, the next step is to go ahead and decisively take the next step.

To find, you must seek. To achieve, you must act, no matter what.

You know you have it in you to live the best life you can imagine. Express that value and beauty within you by keeping yourself in motion.

When the going is good, it’s easy to keep going, so do. When things are not going well, it’s more important than ever to keep going, so by all means do.

Persistence wins. Make yourself persist and you’ll transform your world in meaningful, positive, wonderful ways.

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